Dr. Carleta L. Alston

For over nearly two decades, Dr. Carleta Alston served as an assistant professor of English and Dean of Instruction before retiring from one of the largest community college districts in Chicago. As founder and CEO of Alston Leadership Development Services, Dr. Alston uses her passion to help develop leaders through in-person and online leadership development training. Dr. Alston specializes in Emotional Intelligence development and communication strategies. As an executive coach, Alston focuses on developing public speaking skills.

With her strong belief in purpose-driven living, Dr. Alston is a co-author of the anthology¬†Let the Daughter’s Arise Volume 2¬†with a chapter entitled, “7 Principles of Breakthrough: Professional and Personal Growth.”

As a motivational speaker, Dr. Alston inspire women to elevate their best selves through vision, purpose, and action. Her educational background and certification as a coach influence her talent for mentoring and coaching burgeoning and established leaders.

Dr. Alston is a wife of 38 years, a mother of two adult sons, and two grandchildren.