Dr. Carleta Alston

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My Story

As a young girl, I grew up in poverty where my only way up was through education. It took modeling my life after people I admired to see beyond my circumstances. As an educator, I have inspired thousands of students to be their best selves and achieve their highest ambitions.

I enjoy public speaking that motivates people to grow and develop into the individuals they hope to become. I help them realize their potential through workshops and training development.

I would be honored to share my speaking talent with your organization.

My Values & Beliefs

  • Faith I believe in a higher power that guides my path in this life’s journey.
  • Supportive We are not islands unto ourselves, and I strive to be a support system to those in need.
  • Ethical Behavior Integrity is important and leads to promising and successful outcomes.

My Approach

Higher Education Workshop Facilitator

Corporate Speaker

Conference Speaker

Individual Speech Coaching



Guest Speaker



Guest Speaker

From working remotely to grinding through traffic commuting every day, employees are becoming less inspired to work and lose sight of the organization’s vision.

Every now and then, they need to be motivated to remember the purpose for what they do.

Motivational speaking imparts value to an organization and its employees. Here are some benefits:

  1. Renewed energy for higher productivity
  2. Re-establish corporate unity
  3. Emphasize the company vision and mission
  4. Demonstrate key strategies for team building and personal growth

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